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EU grants for the development of your business!

Take your chance, don’t wait until budgets expire!

EU funding is a great opportunity for enterprises to implement ambitious development plans. Cash grants allow for more rapid implementation of investments by using financial leverage of EU grants.

With EU funding you can achieve competitive advantage through lower costs of raising capital. Selected programs offer co-financing (i.e. non-refundable cash grants) up to 70% of investment costs. Available advance payments support cash-flow.

Now companies in Poland may benefit from EU grants within the budget 2007-2013. Take your chance in the coming calls in 2010, as in the following years budgets will expire and it will be necessary to wait for the next budget 2014-2020.

If you are interested in EU grants for your business, call and find out:
• How to finance up to 70% of investment costs from EU cash grants?
• Who can acquire over half a million zł for internet project?
• What conditions must be met to obtain several million zł for research and development center?
• Why available advance payments support cash-flow of projects?
• How to select project(s) with high chances of winning EU grants?

Jacek Kachel, MBA
tel: (+48) 500 353 075